Theo Le Foll;

Theo is 21 a french photographer and model.

Firstly passionate by street and documentary photography, he had the experience to travel and live in South Africa and Mexico.

 Then he start January 2021 working into the fashion industry with Casablanca for their show in Paris. And work later for brands like Casablanca, Rick Owens, Jean Paul Gautier, Fanta, & Louis Vuitton.

He also work with notable personalities include Rosalía, Nicky Nicole, & Jasmine Tookes

During October he was on tour throughout all Mexico with Aron Piper working on photography and documentary video which is currently being edited


Theo is actually lunching is website and open a NFT Gallery.

Everything is coming, be ready.

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my idea



Photography allows me to express myself, to escape, to understand, to explain, and most importantly it allows me to feel alive. Photography is something very deep and personal.


I find that there is something rawer and more alive in the use of film. Something you cannot find in digital. The whole process of using film makes photography more meaningful, from the camera to the photo development.


The beauty of imperfection is the essence of my art. Photography is about stopping time, to capture emotions and store them in a bag that will follow you for the rest of your life. 

I would like to capture a moment whose life will prevail through time.


When I see a scene that I want to photograph, I just know,

I feel

I feel the balance within the scene 

I stop 

And I take that picture

I try not to overthink or over complicate things


I am drawn to the colors and the way that they render on the film 

And how they interact within a given scene, a certain moment 


With film, 

It’s just different, it’s direct, it’s physical 

There’s a tangible quality that negative provides and digital cannot


With 36 frames, you have to 

Slow down, breath, open your eyes 

Watch the world pass you by

Wait for that moment and go for it